Alondra 11 yrs old

“I used to be so stressed out from school all the time, now I can’t stop smiling. Because of our dance and empowerment games, I feel really happy.”


Ne’Shawn 10 yrs old

“I can’t believe how much I like drumming. I think the djembe or maybe the buckets are my favorite. I like when we all play together and go crazy with the beats.”


Jennifer 9 yrs old

“I know everyone says I am really shy, but sometimes after our dance classes, I feel like I could talk to anyone.”


Salvador 12 yrs old

“I used to get teased a lot for all kinds of things like my accent or because I am still learning English. Now, I feel really strong and I don’t get sad when someone tries to bully me. Because of Capoeira and our meditation stuff, I know I am strong and can handle anything.”


Drevon 10 yrs old

“For the first time, I don’t mind doing things with my class. I used to always sit on the side or get in trouble for not listening. I really like when it’s my turn to be in charge of leading the music or singing circle.”


Monserrat 11 yrs old

“I have all these new friends now. Before, I didn’t really feel like I fit in and stuff. But all these classes and activities we do are super fun.”



At the heart of everything we do is children. We are motivated and inspired everyday to support and help them in meaningful ways. We have been asking some of our TahDah participants 3 questions to get know them better and here's a glimpse into their world. Check out what they wrote & shared with us:


What are your 3 best strengths, or things you like about yourself? 


Melanie 9 yrs old


Jazmin 13 yrs old

Yuxin 7 yrs old

What are some things you struggle with, or wish you could get help with? 

Jacob 8 yrs old

Roslyn 11 yrs old

Karinalyse 8 yrs old

What are your dreams and goals?  


Dariah 12 yrs old


William 14 yrs old


Roslyn 8 yrs old

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